This is how millionaires park their cars in high-rise apartments.

and if i’m in a rush?..

You have a chauffeur waiting for you in the lobby.

Dammit. I really should’ve posted it :D


Wat someday that will be me


good looking guy


good looking guy




Ina Garten subconsciously discussing race.

Yessss this bitch just took it there!!! I’m gettin all my pots and pans and going upside her motherfuckin head, child! LMAOOOO!!!

Haha told you she’s racist haha rich yuppie bitch


So fucking true!!



So fucking true!!


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Lady Gaga dress, did u get that at Ross?? No I got it at Safeway!!!! Lmfao

Lady Gaga dress, did u get that at Ross?? No I got it at Safeway!!!! Lmfao

Growing, Changing Aging!!

So it’s been forever since I posted anything on here.

But I have something to actually say.

Being so busy lately I think it’s almost been a year since I posted.

But Growing has it’s distractions.

Speaking of which people everyone changes.

It’s seems like people we know always start off being something great.

Then time comes and as it passes they become so unfamiliar to you.

Sometimes Fucked up, Offensive, even hurtful at many times.

What happens then. 

Is it me? Or is it them?

Have I changed ? I wonder if other people think this about me?

It’s like a Conundrum.

Sometimes It’d would be easier if we can have things workout the way we need them too.

People would be what you need.

Life would play out the way you need it too.

Maybe then, The emptiness of feel lost would not be so…..

Better then the Wonder Girls


Understnding the heart is the hardest thing…

Knowing what love is… hah thats a joke…

Being in Love… its a pain…

Doin the unexpected for them, little letters, buying chocolates, lil surprises unique and different….

Unoticed, with short lived appreciation, yet i still do them…

How stupid of me to think that you would see, or understand my feelings…

How foolish of me to cry anf hurt my heart…

How could you not see…

The little things the effort that I do…

Can you ever reciprocate or understand…

What can I say to make you understand, what can I do when you say you Love me but the not there to hold me…

How hard it is to be apart from you…

How painful it is a rift…

But even then when we are lying next…

SO distant is your gifts…

Affecionless, and lacking, forget fullness and pain…

All tears in pillows warm with painfull memories are all that wrap me tight at night..

YEtt even now sitting here and writing this, listening and watchin you as you sleep…

So ignorant you are to little NONACTIONS that you do not create..

THe source of my pain in the actions you do not portray…

GIving up seems all I have and can regain…

MY HEART from neglect and pain…

Fuckin Drunkc from Kings Gup wit da Family

Our Thanksgiving